What does your BSD look like? (Screen Shots..)


Thank you :slight_smile:

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OpenIndiana + Fluxbox screenshot of mine. This was an experimental attempt at setting up a pure pkgsrc-based environment (which is why I’m sharing it here), instead of using default IPS Illumos packages. It went quite well indeed

I should have also a macOS (XQuartz) + fvwm pkgsrc build but I can’t seem to find it right away


Unusual on my set-ups, trying some gaps.

Can’t really get used to it… it feels like a waste of screen state :rofl:
The system is now, even more minimalist. Wonder how far one can push it? :thinking:
199 non-base packages, fully functional, exactly 3GB of disk space used :heart_eyes:


This is rad :heart_eyes:


Some transparency and maybe I should post on unixporn :joy:

Honestly, it maybe visually more attractive with gaps. But, I understand why these are actually called useless gaps on awesome :yum:

Transparency is a strange thing… I like it on a regular stack wm, but not when tiling. Don’t know why!?.. just a feeling.

EDIT: Now posted on unixporn :grin:


I was referring more to your 199 packages, which is very Unixish ans commendable (I have like 400 at least, most of which games/emulators,but also like 50+ texlive* (LaTeX ) dependencies for LyX)

Just upvoted it :slight_smile:


:thinking: …I see…
:joy: I thought about it…
Well, if I was a student I would probably need some more stuff.
I’ve never been a gamer, sorry :neutral_face: somehow, it never hooked me.

Thanks for the upvote, it’s my first post there.
Unixporn should be renamed, though. I think archporn or i3porn would be more accurate :zipper_mouth_face:


Thank you for your kindness and for all your advices!
And sorry for this very-very-late reply :worried:.

I’m pleased if you started in a similar way to approach awesome.
Following your suggestion, I copied theme.lua to ~/.config/awesome and made some little tweaks, after learning how to do them :smile:. Thanks also for your repository, it is essential to have some examples!
A tiled window manager is a completely different “way of thinking” and it’s difficult, in the beginning, to adapt to it: I still keep the window title bar, but in fact it is almost unuseful as you noticed.

One of the reasons for my delay was some missing configuration to the system; now I’ve performed it and I also managed to download and use Liberation Sans: a wonderful font!


Don’t worry, soon enough you will stop using them :wink:
I had them hanging around for 6 months or so. Honestly, I forgot about them… one day, it was one of those WTF moments and I cleaned the code :yum:


My FreeBSD 12 i7-6700K desktop: 4K HiPDI display, Awesome, Alacritty, Neovim


Nice, another awesome user :yum:


Time for a change…

See you all in 2019 :heart_eyes:


Wow… Amazing screen :heart_eyes:


Thx Jay!
Looking forward to 2019 :confetti_ball:


@pin has become a pro netbsd-logo embedder; I’m looking forward to seeing a NetBSD -themed Pollock next XD


Had a look at it and I don’t think I’m going to create a full theme based on it. I find it a bit stressful :disappointed_relieved:

Anyway, here are a few Pollock based wallpapers :wink:



It was more of a joke, as I expected the result would look weird…yet you have managed to surpass any expectation :rofl: Great!


Yeah! I knew it was a joke :wink: …so was my reply.
Happy new year :champagne:


I’ve been trying to push the boarders of minimalism here :wink:


I’ve decided to play a bit with the lua code and customize my set-up.
At the same time, I did some “clean-up” and I’m now down to 169 non-base packages and 2.6GB used disk space :open_mouth:

EDIT: Not WIP any longer…
…I’m happy with it now :heart_eyes:

EDIT2: Posted on unixporn as well, https://www.reddit.com/r/unixporn/comments/aetfjz/awesomewm_waving_the_orange_flag_of_minimalism/