Senior security Engineer (cloud security) at Two Sigma Investments, LLC


New York, NY 10007
About the Job

Duties: Provideunique architectures and architectural guidance to teams building and deployingnew technology on and integrating with services provided by public cloudplatforms. Design, review and implementadoption of integrated applications on public cloud platforms. Assess and mitigate security risk associatedwith integrated services and applications provided by public cloud platforms. Verify compliance of public cloudenvironments with policies, requirements, documentation, and design timeguidance. Define security policy andoversee its execution. Perform threatand risk modeling. Evaluate intrusiondetection solutions, and analyze the data and traffic leading todetections. Research electronicdiscovery methods for local, networked, and high-performance file systems. Engineer electronic discovery solutions. Refine and document server hardwareprovisioning and base operating system installation. Refine and document Linux operating systeminstallation on hardware and in virtual machines. Refine and document base operating systemimage for Windows virtual machines. Supervise 2 Cloud Security Architects.

Minimumeducation and experience required: Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering,Electrical Engineering or Information Technology plus 10 years of experience inInformation Technology (IT) positions or in the alternative High SchoolDegree/Diploma plus 12 years of experience in Information Technology (IT) positions. Must also possess experience using thefollowing specific skills and technologies (see required skills below).

Skills required:

  • Networking, Cryptography, Operating Systems, and ComputerArchitecture;

  • IT service environment security and design for UNIX and Linuxserver systems;

  • Configuration and administration of Linux and Windows systems;

  • UNIX system administration (Debian Linux, NetBSD, RedHat Linux, SunOS);

  • Building large-scale IT service environments; software and system architecturedesign and software troubleshooting skills;

  • Electronic mail routing anddelivery (SMTP, Message format [RFC-822], Microsoft Exchange, Sendmail);

  • ITnetwork security and design;

  • IT network functions including routing, switching,and firewalls;

  • Router configuration (Zebra, Quagga);

  • Rrouter and switchconfiguration (Cisco, Extreme Networks, Wellfleet, Bay Networks, Netopia);

  • Network firewall design;

  • Network firewall configuration and management (CiscoPIX, Check Point FW-1, WatchGuard);

  • Routing protocols (BGP, OSPF, RIP);

  • Networkprotocols (IP, Ethernet, IEEE 802.1q, VTP, HSRP, VRRP, PPP, Frame Relay, ISDN,X.25);

  • Data center infrastructure design, planning, and management;

  • Officenetwork infrastructure design, planning, and management;

  • Telephone systemconfiguration and programming (PBX, key systems, VoIP);

  • Designing, installing,configuring, and managing authentication services (RADIUS, RSA SecurID);

  • Authentication protocols (RADIUS, TACACS, HTTP Authentication);

  • Disasterrecovery and business continuity planning;

  • Domain Name Service management andconfiguration (DNS, MyDNS, BIND); and

  • Ability to write and read software inprogramming languages including C, Make, Perl, Java, Bourne Shell, m4, and PHP.