OpenBSD 5.9 JWM (Joe's Window Manager) installation tutorial


Hello Folks! 

This Tutorial is about how to get JWM (Joe's Window Manager)  light weight window manager up and running on OpenBSD 5.9. For Installtion of OpenBSD read :

After successfully installation of system and PKG_PATH setup. get your JWM packages:

pkg_add jwm

This will install all required packages for JWM then copy XML configuration file from :

/usr/local/share/example/jwm with 

cp /usr/local/share/example/jwm/system.jwmrc $HOME/.jwmrc

this file is used for configuration of Desktop and menu and etc. for details you can find here

now to load JWM automatically when x load do this :

nano $HOME/.Xinitrc

and add following in file.

exec /usr/local/bin/jwm

This should bring you JWM when user starts X. Hope this is helpful. This tutorial does not cover which packages to install firefox toad or etc. you can choose and install your choice of packages.

you can configure slim login manager with this also if you prefer to. Very easy and fast to get your desktop running using OpenBSD.

Have fun using JWM :)