HardenedBSD installed but w/o EFI drivers


Any tools to install HardenedBSD just like Trident (TrueOS) with auto-configuring the EFI manager?
I use an HBSD11 memstick image and legacy boot (EFI boot not working) to run the installer, then having easily and quickly installed the system but w/o any EFI drivers shown to me, then HBSD is nowhere to boot normally like Trident. Anyone having experienced this when installing other *BSD like me?


Shawn Webb said UEFI not supported on 11, can you try 12? :slight_smile:


Yes but where to download HBSD 12-CURRENT USB installers? Every mirrors don’t seem to have them, elsewhere? Or you mean migrate FreeBSD 12-CURRENT to HBSD 12-CURRENT?:thinking:
Now downloading FreeBSD 12a6-CURRENT to try to migrate to HBSD as a replacement.:grin:


Here : https://jenkins.hardenedbsd.org/builds/HardenedBSD-CURRENT-amd64-LATEST/ for AMD64


This looks to be your own build? Anyway thanks seeding to me.:sunglasses::handshake:
PS what are “DRM” builds stood for? Just curious and wondering.:grin:


Not my build :slight_smile: it’s of Shawn Webb


Shawn Webb knows more for HBSD than us which he’s an HBSD co-founder. Is that CURRENT installer auto built under which he runs his Jenkins server these days?:smiley: Thanks for his hard and great work.:blush::pray::+1::muscle:
Now downloading this to reinstall HBSD using EFI boot mode, then I can directly boot the system thru EFI.:sun_with_face: